Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Contact Hostelworld

How to log into my property Hostelworld Inbox

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Featured Listings

Hostelworld Booking Engine for your own website

Rate Tracker : Free Price Comparison tool for your hostel

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews FAQ

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How to manage negative reviews

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Prices and Availability

New Calendar View

Minimum Length of Stay Rate Promotion

Release Day Cutoff Time

Bed & Breakfast Rates

Rate Type Features

Channel Manager

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Standard Rate

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Non Refundable Rates

Edit Availability

Room Setup

Minimum Night Stays

Online Content

Updating my property description

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Images and Video content


View & Collect Bookings using Hostelworld Inbox

No shows and Cancellations

Hostelworld Group Bookings


Reports & Statistics


Payment Details

Credit Card Information

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Setting Up your Hostelworld Profile

Step by step instructions

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Backpack Online FAQ and manuals

About Backpack Online

BPO Profile Set Up

Backpack Online Rates & Availability

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Managing Bookings in Backpack Online

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