Add Non Refundable Rates


A new Non Refundable rate option will allow you to sell a second rate for all of your room types. This rate is a 'non-refundable' rate whereby the customer pays their deposit upfront and then your property can charge the entire balance at any point before the customer arrives.


Please note that it is the properties responsibility to charge the balance and Hostelworld cannot unfortunately pass on any CVV details to our property partners.


The majority of properties already list their most competitive rate on Hostelworld and with the introduction of Non Refundable Rates, you can now sell your bed at two different price points (your Standard rate & your non-refundable rate). It’s therefore important to revise your current standard rate to ensure this reflects the value of your bed and that you are maximising your yield before you add a new non-refundable rate.


Steps to set up Non Refundable Rates:

1) click on Rates & Availability 

2) To add your non-refundable rate click on Active Non-refundable rate link located under selected room type and select Add Rate in the next screen



3) You will need to configure your non-refundable percentage (%) and once you select it click Save and Turn your non-refundable rate On (see below)



4) To change your non-refundable rate, simply adjust your percentage to the new value and Saveit. Since this new figure will replace your existing non-refundable rate, you will need to re-confirm your adjustment before saving it. Press Yes on the pop-up window to continueand Save your new rate (screenshot 1-2).
To remove your non-refundable rate completely, you must Turnit Off(screenshot 3)



5) You should re-check your Non-refundable rate in the Rates & Availability screen once you add it or adjust it:



6) Non-refundable rate can be enabled or disabled for a selected day or period .
Press On/Off button in the Rates & Availability screen to enable or disable your non-refundable rate for a selected day or
go to Bulk Update to enable or disable your non-refundable rate for a longer periods


 7) Non-refundable bookings can be viewed under Bookingstab with all other bookings and separately under new Non-refundabletab



8) All nights with non-refundable rate are marked with a blue tag (see below):



9) If you are unable to charge a card, please contact the guest straight away requesting for a new card. If customer does not get back to you within 72hrs, you can cancel the booking


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