Updating availability using Hostelworld Inbox


There are different ways to manage property rates and availability on Hostelworld, which depend on the systems you use in your hostel.

In this article you will find details instruction on how to manage your rates and availability using Hostelworld Inbox system.

Rates & Availability screen in Hostelworld Inbox always defaults to today’s date and shows you two weeks from today. You will see all room types you have setup listed down.
To change the availability or rates for a period you are looking at simply add your new number of beds to the selected box and wait few seconds until your entry is saved– you will see small white tick mark in the right-top corner when this is done (see below)




Bulk Update will let you update your availability for long periods up to 3 years.
ClickBulk Updatebutton to open it

• Select Standard Rate from the Set drop-down menu
• Select Room type you wish to update
• Add new rate
• Add date range you wish to update
You can update 1 year at once, you can add range for another
year once your first day range is saved .
• Select days you wish to update (week/ weekend)
• Click Update Information to save your changes

Please also find detailed information in the PDF file attached


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