Channel Manager - Frequently Asked Questions


What is a channel manager?

A channel manager is a software that links hostel directly or via PMS (property management system) to online booking platforms like Hostelworld.

What channel manager would you recommend?

It depends on your budget, language requirements, location and needs.
We work with 100+ channel managers and we are happy to recommend a channel manager matching to your needs.

Why I cannot connect a channel manager myself?
We do not have supporting functionality built-in in our extranet to help you with that process at the moment. However, we are hoping to provide this functionality in the future.

Should I create the rooms before connecting with a Channel Manager?
This is highly recommended, so once the connection is finalized on our end, your channel manager can pull the list of rooms and rates and map everything right away.

How / Why I cannot change the prices and availabilities in Hostelworld Inbox?
All prices and availabilities should be handled by your channel manager as long as you using it, this way we avoid errors and keep your inventory in sync at all times.

If you are having issues with your availability/ rates online and you are connected to a Channel Manager you must first contact your Channel Manager before contacting Hostelworld.

How to map the rooms?
All rooms and rates need to be mapped inside your channel manager software.
Once your channel manager connection on Hostelworld is completed, your Hostelworld rooms and rates appear in your channel manager and you will be able to finalize your mapping.

Why my Hostelworld room(s) are not showing in the room mapping process.
This may happen for various reasons:
• You may not have any rooms added in your Hostelworld Inbox
• Your room(s) might be inactive. If that’s the case, please add them again

How to set NRR, Stop Sell and Min-Max?
Non-refundable Rate will need to be enabled in your Hostelworld inbox and once that done mapped in your channel manager software.
Stop Sell and Min/ Max Restrictions will need to be uploaded via your channel manager software. If your channel manager doesn’t support those restrictions you can add them via your Hostelworld inbox. Both features are editable in your Availability & Rates calendar.

What shall I do if I have an issue with a Channel Manager?
It depends on the nature of the issue. In most cases we will ask you to contact your channel manager first but if your channel manager needs our help to resolve the issue, we will be happy to help.

Can you help me with a Channel manager settings?
We can help on various occasions but in majority of cases, you will need to contact your channel manager support team directly.


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