Non Refundable Rates


Non Refundable rate option which allowa you to sell a second rate for all of your room types.

This rate is a 'non-refundable' rate whereby the customer pays their deposit upfront and then your property can charge the entire balance at any point before the customer arrives.

Please note that it is the properties responsibility to charge the balance and Hostelworld cannot unfortunately pass on any CVV details to our property partners.

It also means you can now sell your bed at two different price points (your Standard rate & your non-refundable rate), as you can chose to offer a discount if guest go for the non-refundable option*

Please click here to view a short video for more information on this new rate option.

Or click here to see the PDF instruction manual on how to set up the new rate.

 * It’s therefore important to revise your current standard rate to ensure this reflects the value of your bed and that you are maximising your yield before you add a new non-refundable rate.



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