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Q             How do I add Non refundable rates on Hostelworld if I am using a channel manager?

A             It’s very simple to set up a non refundable rate.  You just need to add  the discount you want to apply to Non refundable bookings against a room type in your Hostelworld Inbox. You can view non refundable bookings in inbox. You  will also receive our confirmation emails and the bookings will also be in your channel manager.


Q             Do I need to set anything in my channel manager?

A             You don’t need to do anything in your channel manager to set up Non-refundable rates on Hostelworld, however we do advise you contact your channel manager to let them know that you have set up non refundable rates so that they can ensure that everything is done on their side to ensure that these bookings are displaying correctly as non-refundable bookings


Q             What NRR discount do hostels offer on average?

A             This varies by property but is generally 5-10% max. However, before you add a discount off your current rate for non-refundable bookings please review your standard rate to ensure you are yielding correctly.


Q             Do you have any data yet on potential uplift in bookings from adding NRR?

A             It’s very early days so we have limited data available but NRR bookings currently account for approx. 20% of participating properties overall bookings.  Reports so far from properties have been positive and numbers are in line with industry standards.


Q             I want to increase my midweek bookings, can I use NRR rates to do this?

A             Once you have set the NRR discount in Inbox, you can turn NRR off for specific weekends for each room type. This needs to be done for each weekend against each room type.


Q             Will adding NRR help me get bookings further out?

A             Yes, it should and we will be measuring impact on lead time once we have sufficient data. To maximise NRR bookings further out we recommend that you turn NRR off close to arrival date. Up to 50% of HW bookings are made within 7 days of arrival so to maximise bookings we recommend that you turn off NRR within this period as demand is already very high. You need to do this under the ‘Rates and Availability’ tab where you can turn off NRR for specific dates.


Q             Can I add a release against my non refundable rate?

A             This is not currently possible but we recommend you turn off NRR for last minute bookings to maximise your revenue through HW. You can turn NRR off for specific dates under ‘Rates & Availability in your Hostelworld Inbox


Q             When should we charge the balance due on NRR bookings?

A             You can charge the balance due at any point before arrival for non refundable bookings.


Q             What should I do if the credit card is declined when I try to charge the balance?

A             This should only happen in a limited number of cases. HW charge a deposit to the customer’s card so card is verified at that point and funds are available. We would recommend that you charge the balance soon after booking to minimise any problems with customer credit cards closer to arrival date.

                Should there be a problem with customers card details or insufficient funds available please contact the customer to request new card details within 72 hours. If you don’t receive card details within this timeframe you have the right to cancel the booking.

                If booking is to arrive within the next 5 days please ask customer to provide updated card details within 24 hours. If customer fails to provide updated card details within this timeframe booking can be cancelled.

  • Please be sure to advise guest of any such cancellation
  • When asking the customer for alternative card details/payment method- please be sure to adhere to Data Protection Regulation.

Q             Is there no automatic way of contacting customers for updated card details?

A             No, currently it is up to you to email customers to request updated card details      


 Q  Is it possible to offer only Non Refundable rates?

 A             As vast majority of Hostelworld customers prefer to pay on arrival, it is not possible to offer  Non Refundable rates only, the Standard Rate will always have to be displayed. You could adjust your Standard Rate and Non refundable Rate discount in such a way that would make the Non refundable rates more attractive, thus ensuring more guests go for the Non Refundable option.


How to set up - Video

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