How is my 'Average Rating' calculated?


The average rating is calculated from the reviews left in the past 6 months. Any reviews that are older than 6 month expire and no longer affect the overall rating. So it can go up and down, even if there was no new reviews received, as some of the older reviews expire.

If you have no reviews that are less than 6 month old, we will extend the period to 12 months, until the moment you get a new review, then the algorithm reverts back to 6 month.

To allow for the impact Covid-19 has had on properties we have decided to extend the period of 12 months to 18 months


You can see your average rating on you Hostelworld page, as well as in your Hostelworld Inbox



Or on-line on :


* Sometimes you will find that not all reviews are published on, but do appear in Inbox. This is due to the language setting the reviewer selected when leaving review. Select 'All Reviews translated into English' to see all.





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