Non Refundable Rates and Channel Managers


If you are using a channel manager XSAPI to load your availability and rates on Hostelworld, you can now add the non refundable rates as well.

Some of our channel partners have already developed Non Refundable Feature, to ensure that you can easily distinguish between bookings on different rate plans, some are yet to do so.

Here is a list of channel partners that currently support the NRR rates :

ASSD PMS Partners
Gestione Albergo
Hotel Availabilities
Hotel BB
Hotel Link Solutions
Hotel Net Solutions
Parity Rate
* If your Channel Manager does support this, you can go ahead and activate NRR in your Hostelworld inbox
*If your CM does not support NRR,  your NRR bookings won't be separated from regular bookings - you can of course check which are which in your Hostelworld Inbox at any time
* Credit Card details will only Be available in Hostelworld Inbox
* CVV code is not available
How to Activate NRR rates
  • Check with your channel manager if they support NRR/Non refundable Rates

If your Channel manager does support this, you can go ahead and activate NRR in your Hostelworld inbox:

  • To add your non-refundable rate click on Activate Non-refundable rate link located under selected room type and select Add Rate in the next screen …


  • You will need to configure your non-refundable percentage (%) and once you select it click Save and Turn your non-refundable rate On (see below) ! The percentage will apply to the price that we receive from your channel manager for each day. The rate you see in this section is for Display Purpose Only!
  • If your wish to verify what discounts are being applied, please Rates & Availability section


  • To change your non-refundable rate, simply adjust your percentage to the new value and Save it. Since this new figure will replace your existing non-refundable rate, you
    will need to re-confirm your adjustment before saving it. Press Yes on the pop-up window to continue and Save your new rate (screenshot 1-2).
  • To remove your non-refundable rate completely, you must Turn it Off (screenshot 3)
  • If you wish to disable the NRR rate on certain dates- this will need to be done in Hostelworld Inbox--> Bulk Update.  Closing out dates for Non Refundable Rates 

Non-refundable rates (NRR) are sold on Hostelworld next to the standard rates:



Non Refundable Rates Q&A


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