How to acknowledge cancellation requests


Hostelworld customers can cancel their booking with you up until arrival through their account

If guests cancel online you will get an automatic cancellation notification about it and the beds will automatically go back up online, so they can be re-sold.

These bookings will appear under the Cancellation tab on the home page of your Inbox until you click 'acknowledge', which will clear the seen cancellation from that list.

Customers who book using affiliate sites & customer who do not use their Hostelworld account will still need to get in touch with you directly to cancel.

Booking Cancellation - Standard Booking

If a customer requests to cancel their booking, you can process the cancellation by opening the booking through your Hostelworld inbox and clicking on Resell beds

Booking cancellation - Free Cancellation Booking

Free Cancellation means the guest will get a refund if the booking is cancelled timely. In order to avail of the refund, the guest will need to cancel their booking on-line in their Hostelworld account:

* If customer is asking you to cancel their Free Cancellation Booking, you can advise them to do it in Hostelworld account or to contact 

The cancellation is not possible in Inbox, until this becomes a late cancellation.

Channel Manager

The Hostelworld API is able to receive cancellations from your channel manager/property management system. Hostelworld provides this function to all channel managers. Please contact your channel manager to get that activated for you.

* If your channel manager does not support Hostelworld Cancellations, you should enquire if this can be developed by them.





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