Updating on-line description : Hostelworld and Hostelbookers


It is recommended to regularly update your property description to make sure you offer most up-to-date relevant information to your customers.

You should update the description trough the Hostelworld Inbox, under “Microsite content” > Property description


Here you can add content for Hostelworld and Hostelbookers as well as upload or purchase translations. 
The better your content and your customer service, the higher the conversion rate!


* Please ensure you update your content regularly and remove references to dates or events that have passed. 

* Please make sure that you do not include contact details in description, those will only be edited out. Guests who book your property received your details in their confirmation e-mail. You can update those details in Contact Details section. 

* Any important policy information: age restriction, reception opening hours, should also be added to Conditions ( to be printed on customer confirmation e-mail ) & Things To Note section ( to be shown on-line). Things to note section is blocked for editing, so you will need to contact us to update.

The importance of adding translations: 

Adding your profile in other languages can help you to reach more customers. 
In more than a third of Hostelworld bookings, the customers use our website in their native language and they specifically search for hostels whose microsite is clearly written in their language.

On Hostelworld you can upload your content in up to 19 languages. Some of the most used languages by our customers are French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.

Check out this article explaining How to translate the description?


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