Collecting Bookings in Hostelworld Inbox


In this article you will find instructions and a video on how to find, inspect & collect bookings in your Hostelworld Inbox*

Check the video on how to check and serch for bookings

When a booking is made you will receive a notification email to let you know there are bookings waiting to be collected.

You can retrieve these reservations by clicking on the ‘Bookings’ square on the Homepage. Click on the 'View' button of each booking to see the full details such as arrival date, room type, number of people and number of nights. You can print this reservation for you records. When you have taken note of the details you can click “I have read this booking”.

The booking will be removed from the booking page, but will be saved in the inbox. You can retrieve the booking at anytime by searching by date, name, booking reference number or email using the ‘Booking Search’ field at the top right hand side of the inbox:


You can also use the ‘Advanced Search’ option under the ‘Bookings Tab’. This area will allow you search for booking by room type, arrival date, booked date and several other options.


It is important that you click ‘I have read this booking’ at the bottom of each reservation to ensure that are aware that you have picked up your booking.


* if you are using a Channel Manager or another 3rd party integration, your bookings will be delievered directly into that system.

 Check the video on how to check and serch for bookings


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