Setting Up Rooms In Inbox


Adding New Rooms

In order to set up rooms in Inbox, log in and go to the "Rooms and Rates" tab.

Click on "Add/Edit Room Types" and then on 'Add New Room Type"

For each room type you have in your hostel please fill in the following

1) Select which Room Grade your room is e.g.: Basic, Standard, Deluxe, Superior

2) Number of Guests - enter the actual number of people the room can sleep. Please note if you are adding a large bed for 2 persons (Double, King or Queen) you must enter 2 here.

3) Room Type: That is an important part of the room configuration so please be aware of:
Private rooms – Only when your Private Room has individual beds (Single or bunk beds).
Double room – Only when your room has 1 double bed.
Dorms - You will have the options of mixed, female and male dorms. Only you have shared rooms with individual beds. Please note: We do not allow dorms with less than 4 beds.
Family room – Only when you have at least a double bed and any additional one (ex: 1 Room with 1 double bed and 1 bunk bed). The Family rooms are for at least 3 guests each or more.
Apartment – Only if it has its own private kitchen and bathroom.
Private and shared tents – Only when it is a tent with the option of private or shared. The property must provide the mattresses inside the tents. In the case of shared tents, one mattress for each person. We do not allow shared tents with less than 4 beds.

4) Number of Rooms you have of this type

5) Select whether the room is ensuite or not

6) Custom Name: Give the room type a name, for example, 4 Bed Dorm, you can name the room type anything you want, but please note that this name will not appear online, it is for your reference only.

7) Room Description: You have the option to say a bit more about the type, for example; TV in room or lamps beside each bed. Once you have added your description an automatic email will be sent to us, we will then update it so it appears online.

8)The option to add a Weekday and a Weekend Price - if you are entering the price for a dorm room please enter a 'Price per Person' rate. If you are entering the price for a private room please enter a 'Price per Room' rate.

**Your availability is automatically fully open on Hostelworld for one year from the day that has been created. To close unavailable rooms/beds/apartments, update your allocation and block out any dates you are already booked via the Availability tab**

Please note, for security reasons it is not possible to edit the rooms configurations. In that case you will have to delete it and create a new one.


Deleting Rooms

If you wish to delete any of your rooms, just select the room you wish to delete and click on the 'trash can' as shown here:


If you have future bookings for this room, a warning will pop up. If you delete this room, any future bookings will still be in Inbox and can be found by using the 'Advanced Search' on the 'Bookings' tab in Inbox.


Watch the following video to know more about the Rate and Availability Function in Hostelworld Inbox:


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