How can I upload Photos?


The images need to be uploaded in Hostelworld Inbox.

You just need to go here: and you will be able to upload new images, delete old ones etc.


The max number of photos that can be uploaded is 30.

You can upload the images in bulk and then reorder them as you like. Left click on the image using your computer mouse and drag the image to the right position. 


Images must be in JPG or PNG format.


The minimum resolution required is 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Key Considerations:

✔ First Impressions matter - Cover shots are the first thing a customer sees and should represent your property
✔ Avoid blurry images - images should be a minimum of 1920 pixels wide and at least 1200 pixels high
✔ Bright is best - bright, clean and inviting images work best (avoid dark or badly lit photos etc)
✔ Orientation & alignment - we recommend taking landscape/horizontal photos that have the subject matter in the centre for best display
× No logos, no advertising (e.g. free offers etc)
× No watermarks
× No collages (or frames/borders)
× No illustrations/graphics (property photos only)


Check out the below PDF on how to take a Great Photo!📸👇


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