What should I do If I can not log in to Hostelworld Inbox?


In this article you will find instruction on what you should do if you are unable to access your property Hostelworld Inbox.

If you are having difficulty to log in to your Hostelworld Inbox : 

  • Clear your temporary or cache files & cookies, as an old password may have been stored by your browser, and delete your browsing history. 
  • Please make sure you follow the correct link: https://inbox.hostelworld.com/inbox/ to log in.

You should see the screen below when you are trying to log in, and will need to enter your Property ID, User Name & Password : 


  • If you are getting a message that your password was blocked, please click on “Forgot Password” 

To submit a password reset request :

  • You will be required to enter Property ID, User Name and the correct  e-mail address associated with that user name (please note this e-mail might not be the same as your normal booking e-mail address) and press submit.
  • If the details you have submitted match the records in our system, you will receive an automated e-mail that will contain the password reset link (please make sure that our e-mails are whitelisted)
  • You will then follow the link and be able to create a new password..
  • A success message will be displayed once your password has been reset with a link to the Inbox login page

Return to the login page and enter your new password to complete login.



To learn more about Property ID, User Name & Password check the article here.




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