What is a release period


Release period is the minimum number of days between the booking being made and the earliest arrival date. It allows you to restrict the sale of your rooms prior to guest arrival for a set number of days.

Hostelworld Inbox allows you to set up two different release periods depending on rate type : Standard and Non-Refundable. To set your release  date please go to Hostelworld Inbox :

-->Property Set up-->Microsite Content-->Policies

  • Standard Release period range: 0-7 days

Not to lose out on any last minute bookings, we recommend to set the release at 0 days (Anytime). This means that customers can book a room up until 24:00h your local time zone on arrival date.

If you can not process same day bookings after a certain hour, please ensure that you close your same day availability at that hour to avoid missed bookings, or set up a release period of atleast 1 day.

  • Non-Refundable Release period range: 0-21 days

If you offer a Non-Refundable rate with X% discount, you might want to set a different release so this deal applies when booked longer in advance.



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