My Hostelworld room(s) are not showing in the room mapping process. Why?



- If this is a new channel manager connection, please verify that the Property ID & API password used are correct.

- Check if the room types are the same in both systems (Hostelworld Inbox & Channel Manager).

Just remember that Private rooms need to be set up as private and dorms need to be set up as dorms on both sides.

*Be aware that Hostelworld does not support different occupancy for the same room type.

- Check if the room name or description has a special character like ‘,^, etc If so, please remove it.

If all of the above checks out, but the room is still not showing in the channel manager during the mapping process, a quick solution would be to delete the room in Hostelworld Inbox and set it up again. This should refresh the system and solve the problem.




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