How to post a reply to a review or query the review with Hostelworld?


In this article you will find instructions on  how you can view the reviews and post an owner's reply or query the review with Hostelworld, if you think it is in breach of Hostelworld review policies.

In order to see reviews you can click on the 'Reports' tab and then 'Customer Ratings'.

To get a list of the reviews for a specific period (maximum 1 year ata time) select the dates and click on GO.

Now you can see a list of al reviews that have come in during this period.

You can reply or query a review once you click on the booking reference number.

Reply Guidelines : 

 - You must reply in the language of the related review or in English. The language you reply in must match that of the related review. Responses provided in a different language won't be translated.

- Please do not address the geust by name in your response, as this contradicts privacy regulations.

- After you submit a response, our team will check that it complies with our guidelines before it’s published online. You can’t edit a response after you’ve submitted it, so make sure you’re happy with it before sending.

Review Query

If you chose 'Query' your comments will be sent to moderator to review and reply back to you.

Hostelworld always encourages hostel managers to reply to customer comments in case there is a dissagreemenrt about points mentioned. Hostelworld will not remove genuine unfavourable customer reviews, unless there is sufficient evidence of breach of Review Guidelines



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