'Free Cancellation' bookings


This functionality allows customers, when selecting a ‘free cancellation booking option’ a full refund of the deposit they pay, if they cancel within the cancellation period as set by you, the property.

Free cancellation will only be available to customers who are booking further out, for example a guest who is booking more than 14 days prior to arrival will be presented with this feature, thereby encouraging visitors to book earlier.

By offering this new choice to Hostelworld customers we are not only becoming more competitive in the market place, but also opening the Hostelworld door to a new range of customers, ensuring your beds are filling faster.


How will I know it’s a ‘Free Cancellation Booking’?

  • When a Customer makes a Free Cancellation Booking, it will be displayed clearly on the booking info provided to you by Hostelworld, eg:



  • Bookings displayed via Channel Manager should also flag as ‘Free Cancellation Booking’

The customer has requested to cancel this booking- why can’t I see the option to cancel it?

  • In order for the customer to receive their deposit back as per the ‘Free Cancellation’ guidelines they need to log into their Hostelworld account and cancel online. You may advise any customer of same.
  • Once the booking is cancelled you will receive notification and those beds will go back online


Who refunds the deposit?

  • Hostelworld will refund the deposit


****Free cancellation booking cannot be cancelled by the property ONLY by the customer by using myhostelworld account****


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