Customer Payment details : CVV code


As Hostelworld is PCI compliant, there  is a number of restrictions on credit card details : 

  • Credit card details are stored in the system up until  7 days  after the scheduled check out date, due PCI Regulations.
  • Unable to store & display CVV/CVC code. 

Due to PCI compliance currently we have no legal permission  to pass the CVV/CVC code to properties.

However, we have been advised that CVV codes should not be required for properties with a travel related MCC (merchant category code). If a property is asked to supply the CVV this may mean that they are not registered with the correct MCC.

As far as we know if properties contact their card terminal provider to reset the MCC on their terminal they should be able to charge for no shows.

On request, we can also send you a copy of our latest PCI cert as we are capturing card details on your behalf. Our PCI cert proves that we are PCI compliant. 



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