How to translate the description?


The better your content, the higher the conversion rate!
Adding your profile in other languages can help you to reach more customers. 

In more than a third of Hostelworld bookings, the customers use our website in their native language and they specifically search for hostels whose microsite is clearly written in their language.
On Hostelworld you can upload your content in up to 19 languages. 

You can manage all of your content through your Hostelworld back office.
The box on the start page shows you what languages you currently have content in

To add or update your description in another language please go to “Property Setup”, then click on "Microsite Content" and then on "Property Description":


There you will be able to select the language you want to update; make your changes and then click Save
mceclip1.pngOnce you have included new content in any language(s), you won't see your updates immediately. Our Market Support team will be approving the new content first in order to make sure everything is correct.
After approval, the new content will show up in your back office and in your profile online.


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