How to set up taxes that are not included in the room rate?


If on arrival guests have to pay certain additional goverment taxes (city tax, county, occupancy tax, etc.) that are not included in your rates, you should set them up to be added on top of the room rate, when customer is completing the booking.

To do that, please log in to your inbox and click on Property Setup > Tax Details.

When the 'Tax Included In Room' rate box is ticked (see image below), it means no information of extra tax is displayed.



In order to update it, just clear the option "Tax included in the room rate", as per below, and then choose one of the option available that suits you, set the taxation and save it


Note that you have to update all the profile content information : such as Description, Conditions, House Rules, Things to note, to make sure that information about taxes is clear and present throughout your profile.

Be aware that the system will add the taxes at the end of the booking. 

At the moment it is not possible to view tax amount in the booking in the system, so you will need to calculate the taxes separately.

Only customer confirmation e-mail contains the tax information. Here is an example : 




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