Hostelworld Booking Reports & Stats


Within your Hostelworld Inbox you can find a few usefull reports on your Hostelworld customers and reservations, to access them just click on Reports tab.

Here you can find different options:

- Booking Analysis

It gives a breakdown of all bookings made from Hostelworld Group for a year or a specific date range. Bear in mind that cancellations are not included in this report 

And also the Lead Time



- Customer Analysis

This report shows you a breakdown of your bookings by nationality for the date range chosen


- Customer Rating 

Gives you the option to view all your customer rating for the different sites, & 

- VAT Invoices

It is only available for European Properties. Since the EU legislation of 2010 we are obliged to hold a VAT number for all properties based within the EU in order to comply with EU VAT legislation and we are issuing regular monthly invoices, which have 0 value and do not require any payment to Hostelworld except for Irish Properties




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