What should I do if a guest threatens to leave a bad review?


Hostelworld does not support the use of  the threat of a bad review to gain a discount or no-show or late cancellation penalty waiver. 

If you are unsure of what to do if you or your employees find yourself in this situation with a guest, our advise is to deescalate the situation and to inform the guest that they may review as they see fit; that you do not engage in such activity. Then, please report this to your Hostelworld Support Team.

  • Here is the recommended best practice for reporting a potential blackmail to Hostelworld before customer writes the review


  1. Instruct your employees to share any guest blackmail threats immediately
  2. Submit a report on  the potential blackmail threat as soon as possible to support@hostelworld.com including booking reference number and brief summary of the incident.
  3. Retain the communication history relating to the report : including e-mails, voicemails.

You may be contacted for additional information that proves blackmail was involved.

Please note, we cannot guarantee that the review in question will be removed. We handle each blackmail report on a case-by-case basis, and review history and evidence that was made available to us before making a decision.

While the review is being investigated, we recommend that you post a Reply so that other travellers can read your response. Please check this article to see how to respond to customer reviews on-line


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