Marking customer as no-show


A no-show occurs when the customer neither arrived nor cancelled the reservation. It is advisable to keep track of such bookings, for example, to be able to predict the future no-show rate for revenue management purposes, or to identify which processes can be improved to reduce this rate, for example.

You do not need to report the no-shows to Hostelworld, as we will do not charge you for bookings separately, the service fee is covered by booking deposit.

Marking a booking as a no-show will depend on which system you use to manage your reservations:



Most Property Management Systems (PMS for short), including Hostelworld's own free property management system Back Pack On-line, allow you to mark the booking as a no-show. 


Hostelworld Inbox :


Is  a tool to manage your hostel's online presence (Microsite Content), rates & availability & collect bookings, it is different to PMS Currently does not have a built in no-show tracking capability.

If you do not have your own PMS, you could consider using our BPO or try to track no shows using an excel (see attached)

If the booking was for more than 1 night, do try to cancel it to try and resell the beds again :


Using Inbox  


To cancel a booking in Inbox, make sure you have already acknowledged this booking. If you haven’t done so, please bring up the booking and click on ‘I have read this booking’. 

Once you have done that, go to Bookings > Advanced Search. Bring up the booking again and click on “Resell Beds”.

This will cancel the booking and reopen the beds so you can get more bookings. 

If you do not want to resell the beds- you need to click the “Resell Beds” option but then close the rooms out through the Availability section.


Using Channel manager 


The Hostelworld API is able to receive cancellations directly from your channel manager/property management system  through 'setcancellation' call. 

Hostelworld provides this function to all channel managers. Please contact your channel manager or property management system to get that activated for you.

* If your channel manager does not support Hostelworld 'setcancellation' call, please contact them directly to enquire about a possible implementation date.


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