Confirmed bookings on your Facebook Page


How do I add a Book Now button to my Facebook Page?

As the booking engine is fully responsive and scalable, we recomend to add it on yor facebook page as well.

To add a Book Now (call-to-action) button to your Facebook Business Page, you'll need to be an admin, editor, moderator or advertiser.

Call-to-action buttons can help your customers:

  • Contact you through Messenger or email or by phone or website
  • Make a Reservation on your Booking Engine / Book Now

To add a call-to-action button to your Page:

  1. Click + Add a Buttonbelow your Page's cover photo
  2. Select a button from the dropdown menu and fill out any required information – insert the Hostelworld Booking Engine link at this stage
  3. Click Add Button

Once the button has been created, you can test your button:

  1. Hover over your button
  2. Select Test Button

NOTE: This option is only possible on a Business Facebook Page, it is not possible to add a call to action on a Personal Facebook Page






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