How to log in to Inbox and set up different user access permissions ?


In this article you will find complete instructions on how to access your Hostelworld Inbox and set up different types of user profiles.

Regardless of whether you manage your rates and availability directly in Inbox system, or using a channel manager or other integration, you have access to Hostelworld Inbox system.

To log in to your Hostelworld Inbox you need to know 3 values : 

Hostel Number or Property ID, User Name & Password

Property Number or Property ID, is a unique ID number that is assigned to your property's Hostelworld Inbox account at the time the account is created. This ID will never change, unless  a new profile must be created (ownership change or relocation, for example).

User Name allows you to set up individual logins for your staff. When your Hostelworld Inbox account is created, you are given a User Name with manager permissions, which then allows you to set up individual logins for your staff. Having different User Names enables restricting certain information for multiple users that use the same Inbox account, in line with data protection requirements.

Password each User Name has it's own password that the user themselves set up, the password is temporary and valid for 90 days before it must be reset.

Setting up Inbox Users/User Names

When logged in as a manager, you have access to the User Set Up tab (Property Set Up--> User Set Up) where you can manage the log in details for your account

To protect sensitive information in Hostelworld inbox we advise that personal log in details are created for the staff. You can do that by creating different usernames.

When creating personalised log in details, make sure to assign the right profile to each user.

Types of user profiles: Manager, Credit Card Viewed, Normal Profile each have different permissions : 

  Manager Credit Card Viewer Normal Profile
Customer Contact Information
Room & Rate Management
Bookings & Reporting
Credit Card Information
Accepting Contracts
Setting up New Inbox Users
Deleting Inbox Users


 A few things to keep in mind :

  • Manager profile has access to User Set up menu, so make sure that only 1 or 2 people in your propery have full access, give the rest the Credit Card Viewer or Normal Profile depending on whether they need to see card details.
  • Make sure that a unique e-mail address is associated with the User name, where possible. 
  • Make sure to keep track of the user names in your Hostelworld inbox and regularly deactivate unused profiles/keep track of new ones being created.
  • Make sure to keep e-mail address, that is assigned to the user name updated - it can only be updated through in Inbox--> Property set up--> User set up


Unable to log in? 

Please check the Problems Loggin In article or 

If you need further assistance please call us on +353 1 4980700







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