7. Complete the Tax section


We need to know if taxes are included in your rates and your VAT number (European properties only). Please check below for more information:

1. Complete Taxes section

Are taxes included or excluded in your room rates? 

If there is a government tax due to be paid by guest on arrival, e.g tourist tax, occupancy tax, or a sales tax in US, or similar regional tax that might be applied, please set up the amount of tax due in your Hostelworld Inbox and let your Hostelworld representative know what taxes apply for your property.

Where:  Hostelworld Inbox Property Set Up  Tax details 

This article may help you set up taxes yourself: How to set up taxes

2. For European properties, please complete the VAT section.

Where: Hostelworld Inbox Property Set Up VAT Details


Frequently answered questions regarding VAT:

Why do you need my VAT number?

Under EU law we are required to have a record of your VAT registration details because we provide you with data processing services. We are seeking these details for the purposes of being compliant with the EU VAT authorities.

Will I be charged VAT?

No, based on our current contract terms you will not be charged VAT.

What if I am not VAT registered?

Just let us know that you are not VAT registered and we will update your file accordingly.

For Irish Properties only:

Please note that Irish government charges VAT for the provision of Technology services at the time of booking. This is charged at 23% on the 15% deposit for each booking and we will invoice you for that amount monthly. It is usually a very small amount which is passed directly to the revenue commissioner. If you are VAT registered you can claim the Tax amount back at the end of the year.


Country What does VAT stand for?
 Austria MwSt.; USt.
 Belgium BTW; TVA; MWSt
 Bulgaria ДДС
 Cyprus Greek: Φόρος Προστιθέμενης Αξίας (Fóros Prastithémenes Axías)
 Czech Republic DPH
 Croatia PDV
 Denmark moms
 Estonia km
 Finland ALV; Moms
 France TVA
 Germany MwSt.; USt.
 Greece ΦΠΑ
 Hungary ÁFA
 Ireland VAT; CBL
 Italy IVA
 Latvia PVN
 Lithuania PVM
 Luxembourg TVA
 Malta VAT
 Netherlands BTW
 Poland PTU; VAT
 Portugal IVA
 Romania TVA
 Slovakia DPH
 Slovenia DDV
 Spain IVA
 Sweden Moms




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