4. Property Set-Up & Update your availability


Before your profile can be activated on Hostelworld to receive reservations, you have to ensure that your availability is set up correctly and updated regularly.

As bookings made through Hostelworld are automatically confirmed based on your availability and do not allow for overbookings, it is important that you are comfortable to update the availability on your own via Hostelworld Inbox or Counter (Hostelworld's free PMS).

If you use a Channel Manager to control your bookings, all your updates have to be done through them.

**Your availability is automatically fully open on Hostelworld for one year from the day that has been created. To close unavailable rooms/beds/apartments, update your allocation and block out any dates you are already booked via the Availability tab**


To help you with this topic, we have selected the below articles:

Edit Availability

Updating Availability

Or watch the following video to know more about the Rate and Availability Function in Hostelworld Inbox:



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