5. Property Information: Please add text about your property


First impressions are everything, and we see so many properties let down by a description that is too short and has no personality. Hostelworld is here to help you do justice to your property and boost your bookings with a really great property description.

Property Information: Please add text about your property under the following headings

1st Paragraph: Description about your property 

Why the guest would choose to stay with you? Include a couple of sentences about your property, what is unique about it, you can talk about your facilities, rooms and what do you offer. 

2nd Paragraph: Location (e.g. attractions, restaurants, shops, area)

You can give information about the area where you are located and interesting facts about location.

3rd Paragraph: Clear Directions (e.g. from airport, train/bus station, by car, taxi etc.) Remember, this may be your guests first time in your city.

Another important step of your profile set up, is plotting your property location on the Map. This is very important as it will appear on your Hostelworld profile as well as on guest's booking confirmations. If you need any help on this, please follow the instructions included on the following article: Plot your property location on the map


We have also selected some articles that may assist you with your profile content: 

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