8. Your House Rules & Conditions


To confirm your conditions and ensure we provide correct information to customers, a Hostelworld representative will ask you to send us your answers to the below questions:

1. How many days of advance notice do you require for cancellation free of charge: 1, 2 or 3 days? In case of late cancellation or no-show, you are entitled to charge only the first night.

2. What is your Release Period? We recommend Anytime.

The Release Period is the length of time between the date of the booking and the arrival time. For example, if you choose Anytime the guest can book today and arrive today. If you choose 1 day, they can book today and arrive tomorrow, etc.

If your release is set to Anytime, you also have the possibility to choose a specific time you wish to accept same-day bookings until. See Same Day Bookings Cutoff Time

3. What payment method can Hostelworld use when deducting the booking deposit at the time of booking? 

Do you only accept credit card bookings? Or do you also accept bookings made with Debit cards, Paypal, Alipay/Moneybookers?

Please note: Credit cards are mandatory and cannot be disabled. We only provide card details (except CVV Code) for bookings made with credit cards.

4. What payment methods do they accept from the guest when they arrive/ check-in to your property? 
Credit cards, debit cards, cash?

5. Are taxes included in the price? If NOT, what tax amount will be added to the rates?

6. What is the currency you want to use in your Inbox?

7. What is your general minimum stay required?

Any other minimum nights required for only weekends or special dates? If yes, can you please set up your minimum stay settings in your Inbox? You can do it in ‘Property Setup”/“Microsite Content”/“Policies”.

8. How many rooms/apartments does your property have?

9. How many people can your property accommodate?

10. Is breakfast included? See how to add Bed & Breakfast Rates ☕

11. What are the Check-in and Check-out time?

12. Do you have 24-hour reception? Or what are the times for reception?

13. Please insert the position of the property on the map. You can do it from “Property setup”/“Microsite content”/“Location & Directions”.

14. Do you have any special criteria or conditions such as: Age Restriction, Female/ Male only, no children allowed, surcharge for credit card payment etc?

15. Connecting through a Channel Manager? Please let us know so we can open the connection for you.

16. Do you accept group reservations? See How Can I Accept Online Group Bookings?


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