BPO : Managing bookings : edit details, cancellations and ammendmnets.


To make sure you always have correct information about your bookings in BackPackOnline, multiple booking management options are available in the system. 

In this article you will find a brief overview of available options : 

  • Change the dates of the booking (arrival/departure)
  • Change guest name, contact info, payment details
  • Change room guests are allocated to
  • Edit Payments, charges, refunds on a booking
  • Cancel booking (if guest is asking you to) or mark as a no show
  • Check guest in and out


To change the arrival date or number of nights, simply click under the Arrival or Nights, on the top of the booking screen, then click Update or Cancel



Note: In booking Details you can review and update the general booking information/details. Remember to click on Save Changes to apply the updates.


Use the Rooms section to allocate customers to a specific room or click Change Types to allocate it to another room type. Then hit Save to apply the changes.


Through the Bill section you can add Payments, Charges, Discounts, Refund and Deposits to the Customer`s bill


In the Guests option you can add customer details and additional information


You can Cancel Booking if it`s requested or mark as No Show


Upon the customer`s arrival use the Check In option and ad all the information you may need to process the booking

 Use the Check Out option on the departure date to mark the booking/guest as checked out.


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