BPO : Making a Booking



At the top of the screen in the right hand corner there is a two week view of the number of beds available in the hostel.



Use the date entry box to view to the dates you need to book

Highlight the dates by dragging your mouse over the number of beds


Make Booking Screen appears : 





Once here you will see a list of all Room Types available for the dates you selected and the prices they are from. Beside each Room Type enter the number of beds you require and click on Book Beds


This will bring you to the Temp Booking Screen


Enter the guest name

Click Search (this will check to see if the customer has stayed in your hostel before)

If they have you can choose their name from the list and continue on with the booking.


If the customer has not stayed before you need to fill in the required information


Click Make Reservation 

You can choose what options have to be entered at the time of booking through the Settings Area, Extras, Mandatory options for booking


Once you have clicked on Make Reservation the booking is made,

The Reservation Number is in the top left hand corner of the booking.




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