BPO : Bookings from Hostelworld.com


In this article you will find out how to manage/view Hostelworld bookings in your Backpack Online system.

All bookings/cancellations made through Hostelworld.com, your own site (if you have a hostelworld.com booking engine) and any of our affiliates will be processed automatically into the system. They are not allocated into a particular room, this is left for the hostel to do at the time of check in.

To view Web Bookings/Cancellations:

Click the number beside Web Bookings in the top right-hand corner.

Lists all web bookings made today

Use the date range on top right to view longer periods

(If there is no number listed no bookings have been made today)

Web Bookings can also be found by entering the reference number in the Search Box on the left of the screen. Web reference must include your property number e.g. xxxx-xxxxxxxxx


 Red Web Bookings/A warning shows when making a booking **


These bookings must be manually processed

Click Web Bookings

Click Process against the relevant booking

The grid shows the availability of each type for the required period


Type zero into the guest box against the room type initially booked (if no longer available)

(If the avail column shows sufficient beds for the initial booking just click process)

Type the number of guests against the new room type

Click Process

If this does not work it will prompt and ask to try again

These are just like any other Hostelworld.com bookings and must be honoured]



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