BPO : How to deal with an 'Importation Error'


If an online booking encounters importation problems, it will not be imported into Backpackonline and will be left pending in your Web Bookings report.

Web Bookings section will then turn red and will display a warning:  


Importation errors occur due to the following reason: at the moment the online booking process starts, beds are available in Backpackonline, but by the time booking is completed and imported into the system, the beds are no longer available in BPO - allocation has been closed in the meantime.

When a booking is pending in your Web Bookings, and you are able to accept it,  you will have to process it manually:


1) Click on the Web Bookings link (top right corner)


2) All Hostelworld bookings ‘made today’ will appear. The first booking on this list will appear under the head line Bookings with importation problems


3) Click ‘proceed’


4) An availability screen will open showing you both your current availability and what the guest has booked


5) Enter beds required figure into applicable room type on the right hand side and click process booking


6) The booking has now been processed correctly into your system – please associate it to a room/ bed as you would normally.


Please note that if you don’t have availability for the room type booked, you can accommodate the customer in a different room type, however there should be no additional cost for the customer.


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