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BackpackOnline is FREE of charge.

This allows customer to make bookings for your property on your own website. It is customised by the Hostelworld.com team to suit your site. As bookings are made on your own site they are automatically put into your backpack online. You will have access to a CMS tool allowing you to add basic design elements to suit your site. Please contact your Hostelworld representative for more details.

No, not at all. We do not take any commission from direct bookings that you manually enter into the system. We just continue to take 15% commission on bookings made through Hostelworld.com and our affiliate sites.

We require a minimum 15% of your beds to be allocated to Hostelworld.com. However, these beds are still available in your backpack online to be booked directly by reception.

backpack online is first and foremost an online property management system. It enables you to easily manage reservations (both direct and online), allocation and payments direct from your web browser. The joint allocation tool gives your property maximum exposure which equals maximum revenue.

backpack online is Multilingual, flexible for both individual and group bookings, restrict user access, extensive reporting and Yield Management Tools to mention but a few! Please see our Features section for full details

Extensive reports are available to help manage your property including:

  • Booking Reports
  • Yield Management Reports
  • Marketing Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • House Keeping Reports

Is there support for backpack online and how much does it cost?

Yes there is support and it is also FREE of charge. We have a highly skilled team, dedicated to backpack online. They are on hand to help with any queries you might have either via email or phone. There is also after hours support until 10pm GMT everyday for emergencies.

You will no longer need to log on to your INBOX for allocation/rates or to collect your web bookings as they will automatically come in to your backpack online. You may still access your INBOX through backpack online or directly, to look at customer reviews, marketing reports and news updates.

As Backpack Online is a web based system, there is no need for dedicated servers, backup systems or support companies. All you need to access the system is Broadband Internet access and a web browser. We strongly recommend Firefox in order to get the maximum performance from backpack online, your computer should have a minimum of 512MB of RAM. We will load up a database for your property once we receive all room information through sign up section and send you on the log in details.

Backpack Online is a web based system and cannot be installed locally.

All data is held on fully secured and monitored servers in a data centre in Ireland. You have the ability to limit access through specified IP Addresses for designated users (static IP required for this function). Backup is taken every 4 hours to ensure that we always have the latest version of your backpack online available.

Yes there is. Please see our Licence Agreement for further details.

Click here to sign up or contact your Hostelworld representative for more information.

Yes you can have access to a trial version for 48 hours, which is restricted to the IP Address used to register. Log in details provided and you will have limited access in the trial version due the nature of our product but there are sufficient privileges to see just how easy it is to use backpack online.

The information in our trial version is completely fictional and does not represent any details from our customers or clients. Do not input any sensitive information relation to you, your property or your guests. All properties using the trial version are accessing the same data.

The manual file can eb downloaded here, alternatively you can check another articles in this resource.


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