BPO : How to update your Hostelworld standard rates in Backpackonline


 There are currently 2 ways through which properties can setup and manage their standard rates in Backpackonline for Hostelworld:  

      1. By using Rack Rates: 

If you are using Rack rates only, the seasonal rates will be picked by Hostelworld and sold online as usual –please ensure that the Rack rates are activated in the Hostelworld agent:




To add a new season, please go to the Rack Agent and Click on Add Season >Type the name of the new season and the date it begins >Click Add Season:


Then, to set the rates, please select one title from each panel.

On the right there are 2 columns next to room types. The first column is midweek rates. The second column is weekend rates (Fri & Sat)

Type in the rates for each room type listed and click Save (bottom right)

The Rack Rate is the standard public rate used for phone bookings, walk in bookings etc. and the default Rate is the rate which the system will automatically select on every booking .   

You can override the rates set in the Seasons for the Rack, and change the process manually, on a daily basis, through the Price View. The Price View can be accessed either via Today> Calendar View> Price View, or through Rates> Hostelworld agent> Daily Rates:




However, the Price View rates will be used by Rack only –so please ensure that the Price View rates are added to both Rack and Hostelworld agent. This option is called Yield Management for Hostelworld. Please refer to the section called Yield Management for further information about this.   





     2. By using separate rates (Daily Rates) for Hostelworld 


To use this option, you need to first un-tick the option Use Rack Rates:   






In this case, you can no longer setup seasons, but one Standard Rate for each room type.

However, you can still add seasons and daily rates through the Price View page – these will override the Standard Rate:



You can add a specific rate for a specific day and room type – simply click on the corresponding box and set up the new rate:



Or you can change the rates for a period of time through the Bulk Update option (on the right)– this is a great alternative to seasons:


The Yield Management can also be used in this case on a daily basis- in the drop-down menu you can chose if you wish to update the Standard Rate or the Yield Management:




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