BPO : How to update your Hostelworld NRR rates


There are two ways you can setup the Non-Refundable Rates for Hostelworld: amount and percentage.


To setup the Non-Refundable Rates for the Hostelworld Agent, click on Add New Rate and select  the preferred non-refundable rate type from the drop-down menu:

If you are setting up a Percentage Based Non-Refundable Rate, select the desired percentage that should be deducted from the Standard Rate, and then click on Save.


If you are setting up an Amount Based Non-Refundable Rate, simply add this rate in the correct field and click on Save to apply your changes.



You can switch between the percentage based and the amount based non-refundable rate by clicking on the icon next to the Non-Refundable Rate.


If you are using Daily Rates the percentage will apply to the daily rate in use for the day – please always ensure your Daily Rates are correct. 

The same percentage will apply to the standard rate or to the daily/Yield Management rate if you have added one:


Once the Non-refundable rates percentage/amount is setup, you can activate/deactivate the NRR for the room type – this will activate/deactivate non-refundable rates for all dates:





You can then deactivate the NRR per day from the Price View screen:




You can also use the bulk update function to block or unblock NRR for a longer period:


Non-Refundable bookings


NRR bookings will appear separately in your Web Bookings tab, so you will see them straight away when they come in:



The non-refundable balance that you can charge in advance will be displayed in a note - credit card details will be available in the Details tab as usual:



Rooms booked under NRR will be displayed in the customer bill per day and per room type:


If a customer booked mixed rates (standard and NRR), you will be offered the possibility to use NRR rates for new guests when changing the number of guests in a booking, prior their availability for all dates of stay:


Note: the same guest cannot be booked on both standard and NRR rate – the system will prevent booking more guests than available:



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