New Promotion : App Rates



We are excited to announce the launch of App-Only Rates exclusive to Hostelworld mobile customers!

Why App Only Rates?

43% Net Bookings on App YTD

2x Bookings Per-App Customer v Non-App Customer

Consistently Fall into our ‘High-Value Customer’ Category

More Engaged


Almost 50% of our customers are now booking on the Hostelworld App! Analysis has shown that these customers are more engaged, more loyal and have a higher booking value. Hostelworld App customers don’t tend to shop around or choose hostels because they’re the cheaper option in a sea of accommodation types, they choose hostels because they want to stay in hostels. They add to the atmosphere in the hostel, they add to your rating score and most importantly they spend on ancillary services adding to your bottom line.

How Do I Set Up App Only Rates?

The good news is, you don’t need to do anything! Once you have opted-in, we take care of the rest. We will apply a 10% discount across all rooms and rate types to be displayed exclusively on the Hostelworld App.

It will display Strikethrough pricing on the app offering a much stronger call to action to potential customers.

To opt-in just contact your Hostelworld Commercial Manager or our support team:







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