Coronavirus Statement


As the Coronavirus outbreak evolves, keeping our hostel partners and our travel community safe and healthy is our biggest priority. 

We are constantly seeking advice and monitoring the Covid-19 situation globally, so that we can give you the most up to date information.

We understand that many of our partners are situated in high-risk or rising-risk areas and the business impact is substantial. We are sure you are seeking out the necessary information but we would encourage the daily checking of your own government’s website for advice as well as The World Health Organisation.

We are here to answer your questions and provide support, contact us at:

Cancellation Actions:

  • If you are based within a restricted or quarantined area, we expect you to refund customers who have prepaid and waive any cancellation costs if requested. This should only be applicable to bookings due to arrive within the restricted time period set by your government.
  • If a guest has had their travel plans disrupted due to airline cancellations and government regulations, we would also expect you to refund or credit as above, so they can amend their travel plans. For further information on high risk areas please check here

Safety Measures:

We also trust that you are taking additional protective measures to keep the travellers that do reach your hostel safe. This includes increased cleaning and sterilisation, clear signage on washing hands and ensuring social distancing by limiting the number of guests staying in your dorms and/or those accessing common areas such as shared kitchens and social spaces. If you can, please upgrade guests to private rooms to promote safe distancing.

We reserve the right to remove listings for any hostel that does not abide by safety standards and government regulations.

You should also have provisions in place for any guest or staff member who presents themselves to you displaying symptoms.  The advice across all impacted countries is to self-isolate to reduce the risk to others who are more vulnerable.

Helping Stranded Travellers:

We’ve launched an initiative to help keep the backpackers who are stranded in destinations safe, and we’re partnering with hostels worldwide to show the world how supportive our Hostelling community is. If you’re able to provide safe accommodation, that abides by your country’s or region’s guidance, in exchange for a helping hand around your hostel for any backpacker that does stay, please fill in this short form.

Let’s work together to ensure that we are doing all we can to minimise the impact of this virus.

You can find the advice we’re giving our customers and your guests here.





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