Same Day Bookings Cutoff Time


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What is release period with cutoff time

Release period is a feature that allows properties to control how far in advance they wish to receive a reservation before the customer’s arrival day. This can be set for both standard and non-refundable rate, and it is based on the property’s local timezone.

The new additional feature will apply to same day arrivals (when the release period is set to “anytime”). Once this restriction is set, your property will only appear in the search results when the guest’s search time and date match the condition set for same day arrivals, through your Hostelworld Inbox.



How to set a cutoff time for same day bookings

This condition can be set through the Policies section of your Microsite Content.

First, please ensure that the release period is set to “Anytime” for either both rates or at least your standard rate. 

Then, select the preferred cutoff time from the drop-down menu.

Note: the cutoff time cannot be higher than your latest check-in time.


What is the benefit for my property

Sometimes, properties prefer not to receive same day reservations after a certain time, especially if their reception hours are limited. Example:

“As our reception schedule is from 9am to 9pm, we do not wish to receive reservations after 4pm on the same day”

This feature will offer you more flexibility, convenience and control over staff planning for late arrivals.





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