Minimum Length of Stay Rate Promotion (Min. LOS Promotion)


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What is Min LOS rate Promotion?

Minimum Length of Stay is a rate that offers a 5% discount on all bookings with a minimum of 3 consecutive nights or more, for all days of the week and all room types. However, it will only apply to the Standard Rate by default, including Standard B&B rates.

How does the Min LOS rate Promotion work?

When a customer places a search online that meet these criteria, Hostelworld will return the new price for those searches, but only on front end, the prices that have been set on Inbox will remain the exact same.

For now, the discounted (old price) will not be displayed on the web/app for customers. Our aim is to introduce this in a future phase.

a) Here you can see the prices displayed online before opting in for Min LOS rate




 b) Once you have opted in, the 5% discount is applied automatically on the front end for the 3 nights search. Any searches below this time frame will not show any price changes.





Note please> The Min LOS rate applies to all bookings made before end of the year regardless of the arrival date.

No contract amendment is required. You can simply request to opt in or out at any time that suits you.


How can you opt into Min LOS Promotion?

You can enable this promotional rate in the Promotions tab of the Rates & Availability section. Is it also possible for our Global Market Team to opt you into this rate if you so choose:




What happens if your property is connected to a Channel Manager?

No problem!
You can still opt in for Min LOS rate as the discount is manually set and the rate adjustment is carried out in the Hostelworld back-end automatically.

How can you identify if a booking came in with the Min LOS rate?

For the moment there will be no changes to the booking confirmation email nor in your Inbox.
Therefore, once you have opted in, all bookings with a minimum of 3 or more nights on standard rate will automatically be considered a Min LOS rate booking.

Will it work on Hostelbookers & Booking Engines?

Prices for these rates will also display automatically on Hostelbookers and via our Booking Engine normally.

What happens if you have set a Non-Refundable rate also?

There is no impact to Non-refundable rates. However, it will be possible for a property that has a non-refundable rate with a 5% discount applied and has also opted in for the LOS rate to display a lower standard price than a non-refundable one. It is also possible that both rates appear the same if they are both discounted by 5%.

How will this promotion work with App only deals? 

Length Of Stay(LOS) discount is applied first. App Only discount is applied to all rates, even those with discounts already applied. If you have opted in for both promotions (Length of Stay at 5% and App Only at 10%) you will be giving close to a 20% discount on searches for 3 nights on apps only. 




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